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Apenberg & Partner is one of the leading management consultants in the printing industry, packaging industry and industrial printing markets. We provide support in strategic realignment, restructuring, company sales as well as in the direct search for executives and specialists.


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German packaging industry defies the covid crisis

The number of companies in the packaging industry is declining. The number of employees, on the other hand, has increased since 2015. The sales values achieved could be increased for the most part within the years 2020 and 2021.

Integrated Print Factory (IPF) transformation conzept

The past has shown it time and again. Veritable industry crises are not only catastrophes for the printing industry, but also provide opportunities for extraordinary innovations.

While the fluctuation in paper and energy prices present severe challenges for our idustry, they also provide opportunities for streamlined and highly efficient print factories.

Growth opportunities via buy-and-build

Buy-and-build strategies offer a pragmatic solution to expand the product portfolio, accelerate the entry into new (digital) business fields and accelerate your own company growth.

Our industry expertise and M&A experience help maximise the potential of this growth avenue for your business.

19 Print Business Autumn Forecast: The Results

This year, 176 companies responded to the traditional autumn survey by Apenberg & Partner. Not surprisingly, against the backdrop of the current rise in paper prices, almost all respondents expect supplier prices to rise. However, in the autumn forecasts of the past years, there has never been such a high expectation that customer prices will also increase in 2022. 72 percent of the industry decision-makers surveyed are convinced of this.

Myth of Riga

For some time now, Latvia, and Riga in particular, has been repeatedly cited as an explanation when it comes to publishers demanding lower and lower prices for the production of their books or printers losing lucrative orders. Apenberg & Partner has taken up this issue and undertaken research on Latvian book production and its export, as well as German book import.

19th Print Business Autumn Forecast launched

After this Corona year, we are all wondering how our industry will hold its own or change in 2022. To find out your personal assessment of the challenges and opportunities for the coming year, we cordially invite you to our traditional "Print Business Autumn Forecast".

As always, all participants will receive the evaluation of the forecast free of charge as a PDF.

Industry voices

„There are companies that benefit from the consolidation process.“

Reiner Hundsdörfer, CEO Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG
Source: Deutscher Drucker of 26 March 2022

„Both candidates were really good. I wish I had such a good selection elsewhere.“

Timo Blümer, Managing Director Westermann Group
February 2022

„No medium has yet completely substituted other media.“

Michael Apenberg
February 2015

Printkompress N.05

With the 5th issue of its customer magazine Printkompress, Apenberg & Partner celebrates its 35th anniversary.

In Printkompress N.05 you can also read about ideal generational changes, bumpy post-merger processes, successfully implemented hybrid sales and enthusiastic robotics users.

In packaging printing, Apenberg & Partner was able to accompany the mega-project "ROSA" from conception to realisation. With just one production line, up to one billion frozen packages will be produced here in the future. In the "Hello Future" section, you can read about the challenges and successes that our team of consultants experienced at first hand.

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