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Partner for change

There are always situations in the life of a business owner
in which a competent interlocutor is needed who is not
actively involved in the business of the company.

With the unbiased view of an independent outsider and
recognized expertise, we are valuable partners for
executives and specialists in the printing industry,
print media and packaging printing markets.


Trust is a commitment

We always manage to inspire the decisive people in a company and to create a positive sense of excitement about the future with them. This is certainly one of the reasons why we were named "Best Advisor 2014 and 2015" by our clients and colleagues.

We are particularly proud of the fact that today we receive around 80 percent of our consulting assignments from existing client relationships or recommendations. This measurable trust is at the same time our most important commitment.

Our consulting approach is based on partnership and cooperation with Hanseatic virtues. A fair, team-oriented and at all times results-oriented approach is important to us. Made-to-measure training ensures that all employees quickly master the new concepts and changed processes.

Best Consultant 2014 & 2015

This time, a total of 278 companies made it onto the best lists of "brand eins Thema" and "Statista" - out of more than 15,000 that the BDU counts in Germany. We are delighted that Apenberg & Partner has been repeatedly named "Best Consultant 2015" after 2014 and that we were able to reaffirm our position from last year. The best lists have once again shown that not only big names are considered experts.

Survey methodology
Colleagues and customers judged. The evaluation of the best consultations is based on a survey of experts and customers. For the expert survey, a total of 1,439 partners and project managers and 1,300 executives were interviewed among clients. Only management consultancies that received a sufficient number of recommendations or were rated as good were included on the high score list. Apenberg & Partner shares a leading position with other industry leaders in the field of Internet & Media consulting.

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