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Trusted Advisor

According to Giso Wyand*, only five percent of all German management consultants are classified as "Trusted Avisors". Some are just buddies, some are weak-hearted service providers, few are experts: However, management consultants who have a truly trusting relationship with their customers are rare.

Since 1987, Apenberg & Partner has therefore been offering its clients an exceptional consulting approach. We concentrate on  medium-sized companies and corporations in the printing industry and publishing houses. Right from the very beginning, we offer personal, trusting advice only in those areas in which we truly possess profound industry expertise. This benefits our clients, who profit from our lean and result-oriented consulting processes from day one.

Source: “Das neue Sog-Prinzip“ by Giso Wyand (Download PDF)


Industry Competence

Printing industry


  • Pre-Press / Media service providers
  • Job printers (sheet-fed offset, web offset, gravure, digital printing)
  • Packaging printers (folding boxes, flexible packaging)
  • Label printers
  • Form printing works
  • Graphic supply industry

Print media


  • Newspaper publishers
  • Magazine publishers
  • Specialist publishers
  • Book publishers

Other (with industry topics)


  • Marketing organizations
  • Print buyers
  • Banks
  • Investors
  • Associations
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