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It is hardly surprising that over 90 percent of the printing industry's annual investment is in machinery. That the proportion of companies that invested at the start of the Corona pandemic has only fallen by four percentage points, may in cotrast, be a little more surprising. Definitely noteworthy remains the fact that Germany, once amongst Europe's leading investing printing industries, [...]

The number of companies in the packaging industry is declining. The number of employees, on the other hand, has increased since 2015. This is based primarily on the development of companies with 100 to 499 employees. Compared to 2019, the sales values achieved for the products of the packaging industry increased for the most part in 2020 and 2021. This [...]

Myth of Riga

For some time now, Latvia, and Riga in particular, has been repeatedly cited as an explanation when it comes to publishers demanding lower and lower prices for the production of their books or printers losing lucrative orders. Apenberg & Partner has taken up this issue and undertaken research on Latvian book production and its export, as well as German book [...]

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