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Growth opportunities through buy-and-build

Buy-and-build strategies offer a pragmatic solution to expand the product portfolio, accelerate the entry into new (digital) business fields and accelerate your own company growth.

Take advantage of the industry expertise and M&A experience of the experts at Apenberg & Partner. Mr Michael Apenberg or Dr Johannes Warther will be happy to provide you with an initial, confidential exchange of ideas.

Information on our previous transactions (M&A) can be found here!


Questions & Answers

The buy-and-build approach relies on exogenous growth, which the acquiring company (often also referred to as a buy-and-build platform) cannot achieve at all or less efficiently on its own. Buy-and-build strategies are particularly well suited to realising the entry into new (digital) business models, expanding one's own product portfolio or gaining know-how.

There is no good or bad time for a buy-and-build strategy. More important is the question of whether the approach fits your own strategic business goals.  To answer this important question, A&P offers a one-day workshop. In this way, you will also get to know the M&A team, which will support you from the initial idea to the signing of the contract.  

This should be a partner who knows your industry well and who knows how to win the trust of medium-sized family businesses. It has been shown that our industry expertise and the name recognition of our company are a decisive advantage in the initial approach.

The projects managed by A&P have usually taken 9-12 months. If several companies are taken over, the project duration can be extended accordingly.

Significant advisory fees are only incurred in the event of a successful transaction. Along the way, we charge a monthly retainer fee and a success fee after the signing of the contract. As a rule, 80 percent of the advisory fee is performance-related.

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