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Crisis & Restructuring

Companies in an advanced earnings or liquidity crisis need fast and professional support to avert imminent insolvency. We help companies solve their most pressing (liquidity) problems, realign their business models and regain the trust of their financiers.

As the leading restructuring consultancy in the printing industry, we are proficient in all areas of restructuring (strategic, operational and financial) and provide the "Chief Restructuring Officer (CRO)" if required.

Crisis management measures

  • Rapid identification of the causes of the crisis and development of effective solution scenarios
  • Financial, operational restructuring
  • Strategic realignment
  • Reporting to stakeholders - especially banks and investors
  • Preparation of restructuring reports according to IDW S6 / IDW S11 standard
  • Distressed M&A
  • Executive search - appointment of Chief Restructuring Officer (CRO)

Apenberg & Partner. The best way out of the crisis.

Every successful company has already mastered a crisis. For entrepreneurs it is important to identify the causes of the crisis at an early stage.

With more than 100 successful restructuring projects in the printing industry, Apenberg & Partner has the necessary industry and methodological expertise to identify the causes of the crisis within a few days and develop initial solutions.

Together with your team, we develop a strategy for how you can act in the crisis and, in particular, how you want to reposition yourself afterwards. Together we check whether your business model is still viable or whether you can or even have to change it. The aim of strategy development is to define the future direction of the company in a binding manner on the basis of previous findings and corresponding sector benchmarks (best practice). In the process, various options can usually be discussed and evaluated. The task is to weigh up which restructuring variant is most promising. The best variant is selected, operationalised and formulated in a restructuring paper. If necessary, we prepare a restructuring report according to IDW S6 / IDW S11 standard.

In the implementation phase, it is determined which remediation goals have to be implemented in which time. Action plans and concrete measures are developed for this purpose. The central questions are? Who does what, by when and with what means? The result of this step is a prioritised action plan. 

Effective controlling of measures ensures that the restructuring goals are implemented as planned. Deviations in the implementation can thus be recognised at an early stage and appropriate countermeasures can be initiated.

Recognise crisis signals in time and act decisively.

Most insolvencies could be prevented if management recognised the first crisis signals and took timely and decisive countermeasures. Even though the legislator has created a new option with the protective shield procedure to save companies in insolvency proceedings from being broken up due to the crisis, this option should be avoided if possible.

The earlier companies start restructuring, the greater their chances of emerging stronger from a crisis.

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