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Basis of a successful transaction:
Commercial Due Diligence

Commercial due diligence plays a central role in corporate transactions. Commercial due diligence takes a look into the future by systematically analyzing the strategy, market position and competitive environment of a target company. This future orientation differentiates it from other forms of due diligence.

High-quality commercial due diligence examines the strategic orientation of a target company with regard to its future security (sustainability) and offers a measurable reference framework for its target figures. This makes it a fundamental building block for a realistic business valuation.

Especially small to medium-sized private equity companies often have a significant competitive disadvantage in this context due to insufficient knowledge of the industry. Apenberg & Partner's many years of experience in the print and publishing industry have enabled it to combine efficiency with the highest degree of quality within the framework of commercial due diligence.

We base our results on measurable facts, combine them with in-depth industry knowledge and thus offer you a realistic answer to the question of whether your potential acquisition makes sense.

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