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We are your sparring partner when it comes to filling and optimizing advisory boards and supervisory boards.

Early 2019, we added the mediation of qualified members for advisory boards and supervisory boards as well as the further development of existing committee models to our advisory portfolio. Our focus is on medium-sized family businesses from the printing and packaging industry.

Supervisory boards and advisory boards ...

are indispensable for credible and successful long-term corporate management as control and organizational bodies. In recent years, the complexity of the work of members of the Advisory and Supervisory Boards has reached an entirely new dimension: Time and effort are increasing, there is a lack of digital know-how and the reputation risks for mandate holders are increasing. There is also a need for discussion regarding appropriate remuneration. If most members of the Supervisory Board currently receive non-performance-related remuneration, there are tendencies to make additional performance-related remuneration more lucrative for positions on the Supervisory Board and the Advisory Board. As part of our advisory services, we take all of these criteria into account when supporting family businesses in the establishment of an advisory board or the appointment of individual advisory board members.

Assessment and optimization of existing supervisory boards

As Print Business Consultants we have more than 30 years of industry know-how and know many companies and their management levels from past consulting projects. Consequently, we are in an excellent position to assess the interaction between management and the supervisory board and, if necessary, make suggestions for optimization. When assessing the individual members of the advisory board or supervisory board, their personalities and competence profiles, we are perceived as confidential interlocutors on equal footing by both the company management and the board members, which is essential for an optimization project.

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