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Print industry: Red flag due diligence

Anyone interested in an acquisition cannot avoid a detailed due diligence process if they do not want to overpay and take on incalculable risks. Intensive due diligence costs time and money and ties up the attention of management bodies. This cannot be changed - but in some cases it can be avoided by carrying out a red flag due diligence at the beginning of the process. This helps to determine whether an extensive close examination of the target company is worthwhile at all.

The M&A experts at Apenberg & Partner have developed a special checklist for the assessment of companies in the printing industry, packaging printing and print media in order to make red flag due diligence as streamlined as possible. The consultants use a current industry benchmark to gain an initial overview of the target company.

The time required for an industry-orientated "red flag due diligence" is usually no more than 14 days.


Typical course of a red flag due diligence project

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